poker coachingAlways wanted someone to analyze your poker game one-on-one, but never thought you could afford it? Well now you can, with IPC one-on-one poker coaching.

Live and in Las Vegas, you can schedule ‘the Internet Poker Coach’ to answer every question you have about poker, as well as analyze your game, in person, one-on-one. This is for players who want to learn fast and learn NOW. Learn how to play poker!



You get an 8 hour+ day with, me usually including lunch and dinner breaks.(commonly spent talking poker!) We will spend 7 intensive hours working on your poker game. Using my proven 100-point poker coaching system, you will learn everything you have ever wanted to know about poker (and things you haven’t yet thought of!) in an intimate one-on-one setting with no interference or distractions. You will learn from topics such as:

  • How to read your opponent
  • Picking up tells
  • Playing against hyper-aggressive opponents
  • Controlling your emotions
  • How to build a chip stack
  • Easy ways to calculate pot odds
  • Playing short-stacked (and how to know when you are!)
  • Playing short handed
  • Changing gears in a tournament
  • Playing with a big stack
  • Setting traps
  • Adjusting your play based on the players at your table
  • How to avoid having your own tells
  • Early, middle, and late tournament strategy
  • Final table play
  • Bubble play
  • Dealing with bad beats
  • Projecting a table image (and changing it!)
  • How to bet each street
  • Avoiding traps
  • Learning to put your opponents on hands
  • How to play position and when
  • Adjusting to tournament structures (stack size, blind increments, antes)
  • Mental focus
  • Making moves
  • Calculated aggression
  • Targeting an opponent
  • Bankroll management
  • Table talk
  • Limping In
  • How to play Heads up
  • How to play your Blinds
  • Reading the texture of the board

How much time we spend on each topic is up to YOU. I do not teach a system. I teach you how to think in ALL types of poker situations.

Do you want to focus on tournament play? No problem. Cash games? Fine. Maybe you would like to learn to play Omaha, Razz, Stud, or HORSE. High-low games like Omaha/8 or Stud/8. I can teach you these games and give you the basis to move forward to becoming a profitable player, no matter what poker discipline you are interested in.

Are you coming to Vegas for a WSOP event and need a tune up? Spending a day coaching could net you hundreds of thousands when you play the event, why do you think golfers spend time with a swing coach tuning up for the Masters? I can quickly spot leaks in your play and add dimensions to your game that will increase your profits on the spot.


The cost varies depending upon what your needs are. Maybe you would like to get together for 2-3 hours and go over some very specific topics. Perhaps you would like a refresher on some basics. Maybe we need to spend some time at the tables and then analyze your play afterward once or twice over the course of the day. I will tailor what I do to fit your particular poker game.

My base price is $150/hour for live in person advanced poker training. Phone sessions only are $100/hour for players that do not live in Vegas. I am running a special of 7 hours of phone consultation for $499. We spread those sessions out over a week or two, your choice based on your play and the topics you want to go over. You can use all your time at once or spread it out over a month. I send you a written analysis of each phone session by email highlighting the topics we have gone over. Skype is also available for this type of coaching.

I believe it is really tough to do a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to poker coaching unless all the players are on a VERY rudimentary level. Every poker player is different and everyone’s game is a little different. Much like a swing coach helps a golfer with his/her individual swing, grip, stance, etc, I do the same for players that I coach.

Basically what I do is design instruction specifically based on your game, your perceived problem areas, and the games you intend to play going forward. That way you can get the maximum out of what I teach you. I do this through a series of one or two phone interviews to get a feel for your game, which I take extensive notes about. Then once we get together in person, I coach based off a custom program for YOU. I do have a 100-point program that I built and teach from. Some of those areas will be totally relevant to you, some will not. We will spend more time on some and less on others, etc. At the end, I spend several days going over everything we have discussed and give you a complete write up of all our time together; what you excel at, what you need to work on, and what you need going forward. I also remain in touch with you in the future to answer any questions and I do that for all my players.

The charge for this is $999 if you want a 1-day program or $1799 if you want 2 days. When I say 1 day, I mean I spend basically 8-10 hours with you. We will go through instruction and then play either cash games or small tournaments. We analyze from there, going back and forth between instruction and play and so on. We pretty much spend 1-2 days talking nothing but poker including lunch and sometimes dinner breaks if necessary. At the end I compile everything we have gone over and send you what usually amounts to a 6-10 page document for you to refer to going forward.

If neither of these is of interest to you, I generally charge $150/hour for shorter 2-4 hour consultations. Of course, we would have a preliminary phone conversation for me to determine the best way to help your game (and for you to determine if you are interested in purchasing Poker Coaching from me) before any money changes hands or commitments are made. In other words, we get to know each other a bit first. If you are a player you can’t get to Vegas for in person coaching I do offer phone analysis on a case-by-case basis. This usually works best when you buy 8-hour blocks from me and we use then over a week or a month in a series of phone calls or Skype calls after you have played sessions in your hometown.

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