Hi Chris

I just wanted to drop you a quick line in appreciation of your No B.S. Guide to Winning Online Texas Hold’Em.

It has completely changed the way that I now play.

I used to be one of those players that either went all in early on with dubious cards or followed a player all in with a mediocre kicker only to find myself on the sidelines before you could say “Big Blind”. That has now stopped (well occasionally I forget your rule and get a quick, sharp dose of reality!) It’s early days but I’m learning to become more disciplined.

I also was a player that would push all in when I had the nuts or close to it post flop (trying to avoid the bad beat on the river) but never reaping the rewards of stringing it out longer.

Here are two examples of learning what you have advised. The first is that AA isn’t always the best hand even AAA

Vegas Poker Coach


And the second off the same player.


And the second off the same player.

I have made it into the money on a couple of occasion in a Sit and Go and came 2nd in another to receive $12. I haven’t ever gotten close to the bubble previously.

Thanks once again.


Neil “SmoshNZ” Coomber